Meet Feli Cabrera López aka Efe Ce Ele – our Autumn Artist-in-Residence! Feli will be hosting workshops and performances centered around her bio-art project “Metastasis” at The Willows Nest from September 8 through October 13, 2019. More detailed information on programming to follow soon! In the meantime, a bit from Feli’s bio:

“Trans, Artist, Designer and Writer; focused on human body, abstraction, perception, physics and semiotics.
Teacher of Visual Music and Sound Art in the Aesthetics and Technologies of Electronic Arts Master Programme (MFA) of the Tres de Febrero National University (Argentina). (

Co-director and curator of the Esteticas Expandidas International Festival (Colombia) (

She is a strange mix between “opposite” concepts, a constant confrontation against binarism culture (body/mind, order/chaos, good/wrong, male/female, right/left…). Her
art production methods developed her view of life, her resultant artworks are always a conflictive contrast between neo-expressionism and minimal-design, between abstraction and figuration, between health and illness, between clean and abject, and between other “betweens”, always transiting between the limits of concepts.

As an artist she works in formats like music, sound-art, transmedia-performance and transmedia-installation. Her works has been exhibited in different events and places in
and out of Latinamerica.”