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Fragments from Coltan forthcoming album fro Efe Ce

Feli Cabrera López aka Efe Ce Ele

This theoretical workshop is about the development of arts and the art-context in relation to post-human thinking. While the development of humanity is clearing the borders of nature and artifacts, arts started to become more and more science-fictional. What was in the domains of cinema and literature, now it is in the territories of almost all art expressions. In this workshop we will review some fundaments on post-human aesthetics/poetics by reviewing texts and artwork examples; and we will talk about the possibilities of arts, not just to reflect our present conditions, but to affect the becoming of our species. People interested in aesthetics, arts and sciences, writers, philosophers, artists from any area, as well as student are welcome to be a part of this workshop. (No previous knowledge needed) (No material needed) See less

Trans, Artist, Designer and Writer; focused on human body, abstraction, perception, physics and semiotics. She research and produce in different formants such as Artist, Designer and Writer. Investigate the possible connections between body, gender, identity, art and new media. 

She works in formats such as video art, sound art, music, audiovisual concert, generative art, interactive art, installation, web and electronic art.

Her work has been exhibited in different places in Latin America and Europe.

Current schedule :

Image, Sound, Audiovisual & Electronic Arts

Berlin: (The Willows Nest – Boxhagener Str. 61)

Sept 18th – 16hs to 19hs: Open Studio

Sept 21th – 12hs to18hs: workshop (toolkit for arts and sciences)

Sept 25th – 16hs to 19hs: Open Studio

Sept 28th – 12hs to18hs: workshop (toolkit for arts and sciences)

Sept 28th 19.30hs: solo performance (Metastasis III)

Oct 02nd – 16hs to 19hs: Open Studio

Oct 05th – 12hs to15hs: workshop (arts on post-humanism)

Oct 06th – 19.30ha: UnStumm 

Oct 12th – 12hs to15hs: workshop (arts on post-humanism)

Athens: (Athens Festival of Queer Performance – Address to confirm)

Oct 18: Performance (Programming Gender)

Oct 20: Lecture (About Monstrosity)





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